March 22, 2023


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Wolves v Nottingham Forest

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Fulham will be hosting their mid-table opponents Bounimouth today at Craven Cottage stadium for their 10th match of the season. This will be a tough game for either side as both of them were promoted this season and have been doing so well so far. The two teams have managed to get to the top half of the EPL table. They are currently standing at 9th and 10th Fulham being at the 10th, just a point behind.

The last 2 games have not been very good for Fulham. They have lost the most recently to Westham at the start of the week by 3 goals to nil. The two defeats have seen them thrown out of the top six passion in the table with a threat of pushing them closer to relegation than at the top. This however has not been the case with Bournemouth FC.

For Bournemouth, it has been a total redemption for the team considering how they started the season. They started off by losing to Aston Villa, then came Mancity, Arsenal, and Liverpool. At this point, they had not scored even a single goal but trailed behind with a goal difference of -18. Half of this had come from a single team Liverpool who beat them at Anfield 9 goals to none. This was the wake-up call for the club and they had to suck the coach to save the club from another embarrassing loss.

Who Between Fulham and Bournemouth is likely to win today

The premier league has become one of the most unpredictable leagues there is. Anyone who is not playing against Man City probably has a higher chance of winning or losing a match than the statistics show. For instance, it is possible a very small percentage would have bet a team like Liverpool would be at the position they are in at the moment. statistically, any one of these teams could end up the winner toning.

But looking at it in the literal sense, Fulham is more likely to win toning since they have the ’12th’ man advantage. If they play as they have generally been playing this season they have the upper hand considering they are at home.

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