March 22, 2023


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Westham v Bournemouth

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This game week has been full of surprises. Arsenal drew at st marys park, Man U got the last-minute equalizer, Spurs lost to Newcastle who is now in the top 4, Villa scored more than half the goals they have scored the whole season after sucking Gerrard, Everton scored 3 goals to nil to beat Palace and much more. The game week started with a loss for the Reds who lost the game in the early kick-off by 1goal to nil to the struggling Nottingham Forest. For the last match of this game week, the hummers will be welcoming Bournemouth at the London Stadium tonight.

The performance of these two teams has not been one of the best, especially for Westham. Last season the hummers were fighting with man u for the 6th spot. Now they are fighting to keep off the relegation zone. Currently, at the 17th spot, the team is only 2 points clear of the relegation spot.

In the last three matches, these teams have had the same tread. A win, a draw, and recently a loss, for both in that order. At the moment, Bournemouth is 13th but could end up in the top half of the table if they win tonight. A draw will push them two spots higher on the table.

Can Bournemouth walk away with a point?

Westham has been one of the few clubs outside the traditional top six clubs that have spent quite a fortune in the transfer window. The club has one of the very competitive players in the league such us Bowen and Raphinha in the mid-field. Behind this team is one of the most experienced coaches in the EPL. They are not performing very well at the moment but it would take very little to have the team going again in the right direction.

As for Bournemouth, they were promoted this season, which means they are doing well in that context. However, they have a lot of experience in the premier league considering they were only relegated two seasons ago. dealing with Westham at home will be one tough job but not impossible. The chances of this happening are very slim.

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