March 22, 2023


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West ham v Wolves

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  • The Hammers are in a match with the Wolves to see who is stronger.
  • Both Westham and Wolves are fighting to stay out of the relegation

Arsenal will be looking to defend their title this afternoon as they welcome their London rivals at the emirates. Spurs are one of the two teams that have not tasted defeat this season. manchester city is the other. This puts a huge task on the gunners since they have to beat the spurs for them to keep their lead intact. If they lose, the spurs defiantly take the lead for the EPL table, at least until man city losses,

This will be the 8th game of the season for the two teams since the whole of game week 7 was postponed following the death of her majesty the queen of England. The game is the first of the day and the game week

It’s been a long time since the arsenal had such a lead in the EPL and a convincing one. When asked about not finishing in the top four last season Edu told the media that the project would have been 1 season ahead of schedule. This was the year they planned to finish in the top four with the youngest team and they are not just doing it, they are excelling in it.

On the other hand, it has been ages since the spurs won any trophy despite getting so close to it. This has been a very major issue for the fans but things look bright this time. Since the arrival of former Chelsea manager Conte, the team looks more vibrant and hungry to win games. For the first time, the team looks deserving if not better to be in the position they are in at the moment.

On arrival, Conte said his aim for that season was to get to the top four. And true to it he managed to get there and surprised arsenal who was the favorite to finish there. Part of getting there was beating the gunners. history might repeat itself but we will have to wait and see.

Catch this game and every other EPL game this weekend live to stream on this website. The live link will be available minutes before the games start. refresh if the link is still not available.

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