March 22, 2023


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The Champions League: How Tournament is setup

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The Champions League, the biggest football tournament in Europe, is one of the most unpredictable leagues. Spanish clubs, specifically Real Madrid and Barcelona, have dominated and only 27 other clubs have had the chance to test this victory. Arsenal who are the only team in the league to go unbeaten in a premier league season has only gone as far as final. They lost that game to FC Barcelona.

EPL champions Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and against all odds Tottenham hotspurs are the four teams that qualified for the champions league 2022/2023. Non of these teams are in the same group stage. This gives them a good chance to proceed further than the group stage. Although this is the case there are other dominant teams and the best of other leagues. Getting to the final s anyone game.

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The Champions League play out

There are 8 group in the champions league. Each group has four teams to total the participating teams to 32. At the group stage, each team plays aganist the other group member for three points if they win and 1 point if they tie. The teams are ranked according to the points each team has. Equal points is differenciated by the goal difference a team has.

At this point, the two teams with the highest point proceed to the round of 16. Some of the best third place holders at the champions league group stage are demoted to the EUFA Europa league. The rest of the league and season proceed through a knock out. Apart from the final, each cheat plays home and away and th team with the most goals win and proceed to the next level.


The two best teams in the tounament plays in finals. The selection of the standium this teams play at is before the finals. At times a team might fingd itself playing in their country, town or even stadium when getting to the final.

Unlike in the knockout and group state, this game is only played once. If for instance the the game ends draw in the alocated 90 minutes, the game is played for an extra 30 minute. If its still a tie Penalty shootouts deterine the winner.

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