March 22, 2023


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Switzerland v Cameroon

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The world cup is here and the countries who made it there are looking to wave their flag above everyone else’s. It a tough tournament that the money a country has plays a very little role in the performance. Its purely national talent and management that gets the country on the map.

Today Argentina will be facing Saudi Arabia as the first game of the 4 to be played today.The game is unpredictable and tought, tougher for saudi more considering the quality on the Argentine side.

For this one Denmark who are the favourites to win will face Tunisia in Qatar for their first game in the group stage.

The major and the spotlight of it all being arguably the GOAT himself Messi. Although quite a big number believe Ronaldo is more of the greatest of all time, the only trouphy messi has not won is the world cup. This is the 5th time he will be playing in the tournament withought a trouphy.


Any other tournament he has been involved in has resulted in to a trouphy.Saudi on the other hand will feel closer home and not by the race identity but by geographical location.

Unlike their opponents who came from the farthest side of the world, Qatar is just in the same continent as they are. For them, the environment may feel similar than the Argentines. This is the major advantage they have.

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