March 22, 2023


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Real Madrid v Celtic

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After losing their first game of the champions league to Napoli this season, Liverpool will be looking to redeem themselves tonight when they welcome Napoli to Anfield. Despite having a terrible season in the EPL by their standards, they have only lost one game which is that against Napoli. To account for how good the season has been in the champions league, they currently have the highest-scoring tally aside from Napoli. Napoli has forwarded 20 goals so far and Liverpool has 19. If the reds win tonight they have the chance to surpass Napoli in table ranking by goal difference.

There was only one day gap between the last game week and this game week. Such times makes it very hard for teams to keep up due to overworking player. The well-suited teams for this kind of timeframe are the big clubs in terms of largely interchangeable squared. Chelsea is part of the team who visit Brentford tonight to try and secure their position in the league which is getting threatened.

In terms of squared size and quality, Chelsea has been able to secure quality and quite a number of them compared to their tonight’s opponents. They have the upper hand in terms of quality. After all, they are not in the top four by mistake. To deal with this, Bretford has just a rival to fight.


As always, the home team always has the upper hand. Tonight Brentford are at home. Here they have been very deadly this season. Two of the games they have won this season were at home. The other one they lost was against Arsenal which was more about how good arsenal was than Brentford bringing poor. The major5-2 comeback win against Leeds earlier.

The team was promoted last season and beat Arsenal in their opening match of the season. Brentford is currently at 9th in the table. They are equal on point with last season’s runners-up Liverpool.


Chelsea has so far won all their last four games. since Potter took over, the team has made some progress. For instance, during the weekend’s 2-0 win, most of the credit could be given to Kepa, the goalkeeper. He made very important saves including a tremble. it was remarkable considering Chelsea had brought Mendy to replace him as the number 1.

Deciding who wins will be impossible through speculation. only the90 minutes will have the answer to this.

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