March 22, 2023


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Nottingham Forest v Brentford

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This is a titan between two newly promoted teams. Brentford was promoted 1 season ago while Nottim was promoted this season. With their first game after promotion, they almost sent Arsenal out of a competitive zone. they will have to show the same courage to take on Nottingham at home or at least get away with a point.

The second place in the Europa League has not assured a place in the next stage. For any team to get there every win is crucial. Manchester will need the assurance by winning tonight’s game. Follow the game live here

The red devils tonight will be visiting Sheriff for their second match in the Europa league. The sheriff has already won a game that pushed them to the top of Group E. Manchester united who lost their first game against real Sociedad will be hoping to win their first match toning if they still want to secure their place in the Europa league this season.

During their last march at the EPL, manchester united devoured the visitors and long rivals Arenal. They whooped them by 3 goals to 1. Arsenal who are currently at the top of the premier league table had a perfect start to the season after winning all 5 starting matches. Manchester the other hand had a bad start to the season to some point becoming the bottom team in the table. The red devils however managed to come back from the embarrassing point and have so far won all their last four in the premier league.

Haaland aside, it is possible man u have made the most dangerous players in the premier league. There is a more vibrant energy in the team, especially with the new manager. The owners are finally spending which is the only thing the fans were hoping for this summer. Casemiro is the latest to join the club this summer. Antony is also another major signing for manchester who came in handy during the game against the Gunners.


Tonight’s game will be so important for manchester united as it might be the gateway to the champions league considering how tough it is getting to the top 4 in the league.

We will be directing you to the match and every match involving the EPL teams. A few minutes before the start of any game, watch out for the links. You can refresh the page if there are no links available yet.

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