March 22, 2023


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Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa

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Nottim at the bottom of the table will be facing the Villa who have not been having a good game themselves. They are the ones supporting others at the bottom of the table. Nottingham was promoted this season to the EPL after winning in the knockout stage for the position in the championship. This is another challenging time for Nottingham, forest since there seems to be no good game for them.

Why the performance?

Since letting go of their star player Jack Grealish to manchester city, Villa has barely won games comfortably. They have since then tried to ring in more quality players like Coutinho, but it seems not to work for them. To the point of bidding for the same player with arsenal, who are at the top of the table, and winning the bid. This is their chance to keep their little momentum up and running. Especially since Nottingham forest is currently struggling.

This is the last game of this game week. If Nottingham wins they defiantly are going to push themselves two slots up. In fact, they have the chance to move past the saints and out of the relegation zone with an unrealistic win with a goal difference of 6 goals or more. If Villa wins, it will be a devastating day for the opponent which will leave them at the bottom with the worst goal difference in the league. As a result, it has the potential to send Aston Villa up to the 10th spot. Sending Liverpool to the bottom half of the table.

Playing at home is always at a point of advantage. Nottingham will have to utilize this advantage and see what it can do for them. A draw tonight will see the ap to the 18th and live to fight another day.

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