March 22, 2023


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Newcastle vs Wolves

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  • Liverpool looking to win their second game of the season
  • Newcastle FC is strong at the moment and will be looking to keep the Reds from winning.

Liverpool will be facing Newcastle tonight in a battle to try to reclaim dominance in the Premier league. Newcastle which was once a very strong team is on a campaign to solidify its position again. Liverpool on the other hand is the only team to dare take the league title from man city in the last 5 years. During the same five years, they won the champions league and were EPL runners-up for the most part of it.

Newcastle was recently purchased but a wealthy owner and is now the club with the wealthiest owners in the English Premier league. Considering money is no longer the issue for Newcastle they have been busy during the window transfers trying to claim the top spots. It may take time for the team to get to where they would love to be but they have made major progress in the process.

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Liverpool only recently won their first game of the season. They beat Bournemouth 9 goals to nil. Muhammed Salah who is their key star player did not score in that game. He will be looking to change that today.

What to expect from the game

Yes, this Newcastle team is different. It is better in every way and not struggling at all to cater to any expenses at the moment. However, beating Liverpool will take more than just loaded pockets. Liverpool will be looking to get back on track and win any coming matches in order to get back at the top with man city and Arsenal.

At Anfield, the reds are known to dictate the play. big names such as Arsene Wenger have described the stadium as the hardest place to win a game.

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