March 22, 2023


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Manchester United vs Southampton

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Leicester vs Chelsea Live  After suffering a loss to Real Madrid in the opening leg of the Round of 16 of the Champions League. They then drew 0-0 with Crystal Palace and defeated Wolves 2-0 in the Premier League.

They are now sixth in the Premier League standings thanks to their most recent victory. They need to defeat the hot-shot Manchester United in their forthcoming match if they want to stand a chance of making the top 4. The Manchester club, in comparison, is in excellent form right now after claiming the League Cup, their first trophy in six years. Also, with to a win over West Ham, they advanced to the FA Cup quarterfinals. Moreover, they

  • Chelsea visits Southampton for the 5th game of the season.
  • They need the win to stay dominant in the premier league.

For the first time, this season Chelsea has the chance to win two matches back to back. they already won with 10 men against the foxes last weekend by 2 goals to 1. Tonight they face a different beast away. Southampton who will be hosting the blues tonight are expected to entertain them. They will have to show them what they are made of.

Southampton who has only won one game this season while visiting Leicester during the second game of the season will be looking to pocket all three points. it will not be a very easy task considering Chelsea finished fourth last season. This is almost the exact team they will have to beat.

The blues need a good striker which is probably the only thing missing and hence the one defeat. This however doesn’t mean they are going to sit back and wait as the saints take all three points. Being a Champions league team does not come from a team losing such matches. They will have to work as smart and hard as they have generally been over the recent years.

Even without a sticker, this Chelsea team has a better squad than the opponent. They might be an away game but they have to set standards as early as now before it gets too late.

What Chelsea Should Expect From The Saints

With the games played so far in the season, the blues are likely to go home empty-handed. They have not been convincingly playing as they would win. Despite beating Leicester with 10 men, it was more of Leicester’s bad performance than their good playing. If they have improved only the 90 minutes can tell for now.

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