March 22, 2023


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Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspurs

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  • Spurs will be looking to keep looking to move within a point to the top of the table.
  • Man U will be looking to make a second defeat to a north London team

This is the biggest game this mid-week matchday. The match is very important in determining who will end up in the top four this season which is looking very tight. At the moment, both teams are in the top four. Spurs is ahead in the 3rd place followed closely behind by Manchester United in fifth place.

Since earlier this season, the spurs have maintained 3rd place and tonight gives them a chance to close in on the first-place holder Arsenal by just a post. This is at least temporarily before they play against defending champions and second-place holders Mancity. A win here will push them to second place.

Man U on the other hand had a very start of the season but adjusted very well after the first 2 games. they went on an unbeaten period when they even beat arsenal. This is the only time arsenal has failed to win this season. A win today for them pushes them in equal on points with Chelsea. But, discounting a win for Chelsea which is also played tonight. The Blues are in fourth place at the moment.

What About A Loss

“You sneeze your loss”. This is how it has been in the premier league this season at almost every stage. Especially in the fight for the European qualifying stage. Manchester for instance if they lose today, even at 5th is likely to be pushed out of the top 6 spots. Liverpool which is looking to reclaim its place in the top four is looking strong again. they already beat Manchester City last weekend.

Spurs on the other hand have been looking to solidify their place in the top fright. Maybe even aiming for the trophy this season which is still very achievable. They have already lost once this season to Arsenal but that does not seem to keep them off their mark for the 1st place. They have not been looking convincing when winning games but when was Conte convincing before he took the trophy?

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