March 22, 2023


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Manchester United v Westham United Stream

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It is getting tougher every day for the gunners to retain the title. For the first time in so many game weeks, they are trailing behind by a point. They are yet to play to recover the top spot they are getting comfortable after every game. The fans, pundits, players, and opponents are starting to believe Arsenal can win the title. Just like any other week, they have the chance to prove once more that they deserve to be at the top when they welcome Nottingham Forest. The team live stats are available.

At the moment the gunners are having the time of their life. They lost the game in the midweek against PSV in the Europa League. They also lost two points against Southampton last weekend in a very winnable game. At home, they face yet another chance of proving they still got what it takes with the youngsters leading the squad. You know what to do to catch the match live.

Arteta is considered to be one of the most underrated coaches in the premier league right now. These sentiments have been shared by a coach in the premier league after losing to the gunners this season

Nottingham’s chances of winning

Aside from the fact that the gunners are playing at the emirates today, Nottingham has the best chance of any team they played this season to win. They have had a whole week to prepare for the game while arsenal has had only two days to do so. The Gunners are already tied from the midweek game is will have to play a relaxed team. The only thing working for them is the status they have created and the hard work they have shown this season. stream for free.

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