March 22, 2023


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Man City V Chelsea FC

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It is raining at Chelsea. After losing their last two games to the head coach’s former team and their London rivals Arsenal they now face one of the best teams in Europe right now and for the last few years. Tonight Chelsea will be walking into the hands of the hungry jaws at Etihad Stadium.

Man City have only lost one in the premier league to Liverpool which is the only time they have lost any game this season in all competitions. Right now, they are in form especially after the return of the star player this season Erling Haaland from a short-term injury. Considering the team is known to have a second team so good that they would end in the top 4 if they played separately in the league.

Chelsea on the other hand has been struggling in multiple areas so far. first is the striker position that has not had the chance to solve even after bringing in former Arsenal star Aubameyang. They also have a problem transforming from Tuko’s playing formation to Porter’s formation at the moment. to add salt to the wound, probably the best player in the squad, James, is out on a long-term injury which is a rebound from yet another one.

Chelsea’s Chance to Defeat Man City

If anything, Chelsea is as good as any team in the league capable of beating City. In the past, they have been known to beat them even at the strongest point. If the past is to help them they have the same team that terrorized the city in the recent past. although the coach is a different one, it might be enough to at least get a draw from it.

A win for Chelsea can come in handy as it is a chance for them to redeem themselves.

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