March 22, 2023


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Man City v Brentford

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It is yet another chamce for Manchester city to go for the world Cup break at the top of the table. Of couse this is only possible if arsenal let them. A win today still gives them the chance to lead the table temporarily untill the gunners play later tonight. If man city loses to brentford this afternoon that will give the Gunners a clear lead heading to the world cup break.

Right now mancity is 2 points away from the top of the table. This gives them a rare opportunity this season having played again before arsenal to taste the 1 place. The only thing they can do is play their part, win abd hope arsenal either draws or losses. A draw for arsenal gives City the advantage of the goal difference. As it stands they have the highest goal difference in the table.

After today the next time games will be played in the league will be after the world cup and specifically after Christmas. There will be games played on boxing day. That means arsenal could still hold the first place for the lest of the year of man city losses today.

Best chance for man city to take on the 1st place

For more than half century now mancity have dominated the league massively. In a span of five seasons only Liverpool have taken denied them once the title. This year peps students seems to be taking charge. Arteta so far have lost one game and drawn one. The reason he is ahead of mancity is becouse mancity have lost one and drawn twice. However he can still defend the title.

Few games in to the season, when arsenal had been overwhelmed by the number of games they were playing the game aganist city was postponed. That means these two teams haven’t meat yet. Whoever mins that match will have taken a very huge step towards winning the title. Of course they will have to maintain the good performance aganist other teams.

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