March 22, 2023


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Liverpool v Brighton

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It has been one of the worst starts for Liverpool in the last few seasons. Brighton, on the other hand, is shining and against all odds in the top four. in the last five seasons Liverpool has won the EPL title once and the other going with man city. Of all these other four they have been the runners-up all this time. They have put up fighting so much that man city needed the win the last game of the season to take the title.

this season has been different, especially after losing their star player Sadio Mane. Mane transferred to Bayern last summer with a fee. and the replacements have not been as efficient as tSShe this African star. On top of this all these players especially the front line have been faced with injuries leaving the rest of the team struggling. Mohamed Salah is not also having a very good season which is also part of the challenge

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Brighton just lost their manager to Chelsea which is likely if not definitely going to cause problems with the performance of the club. The team is still confident they will continue with the information-winning trend. They named a player the acting manager seeing that the manager left with the entire coaching staff. They will have to face one of the world’s best managers and teams recently with the captain as the manager.

A win for Brighton may not put them in above fourth position but certainly has the potential to promise first place, especially considering they have a game in hand. A win for Liverpool who is in 8th position has the potential to place them in the top six as they eye for the trophy at the end of the season.

Remember to check back a few minutes before the game. Live links to the game will be provided then.

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