March 22, 2023


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Fulham v Newcastle

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After the club was purchased by the new owner, Newcastle has become a club to terrify its opponent. The club is now financially able and stable and can be able to get and sign new players. Since the promotion from the championship, the club only played for one season and then sold to the new owners who are the wealthiest of all the club EPL owners. This is the kind of club that is welcoming to their home ground.

On the hand, since bringing in one of the prolific coaches in EPL football Marco Silva, the team is on a winning tread. Marco Silva managed the team from the championship last season to the premier league with shining colors. Since promotion this season, the team has been winning unthinkable matches and grabbing points such us in the 2-2 draw against Liverpool This has placed them right on the top side of the table.

Fulham is in 6th position and is only 2 points behind the fourth-place holder, Brighton. They already managed to beat Brighton at home and will be hoping to do the same to their today’s opponent Newcastle.

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Fulham or Newcastle

Newscastle unlike fulham has been struggling to win any games this season. in their last 5 games, they have won none, lost one, and drawn all the other four. This has proven not to allow the opponent just walk away will all three points despite being unable to grab all three themselves. They will have to work hard to keep fulham and their star player Mitrovic off the back of the net.

Newcastle is last at the top half of the table. Lossing today might leave them vulnerable to the relegation zone. It might just be few games in the season but enough to motivate the opponent or demotivate the team.

Catch this match live and in HD right here. Also, watch out for other EPL teams’ games. we will provide the live link a few minutes before the game starts.

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