March 22, 2023


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Crystal Palace v Wolves

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  • Palace faces Wolves tonight

Football is a multi-billion industry and has shares across the globe. Europe, the ‘headquarters’ of modern football has a bigger percentage than the rest of the world. Football, or as the Americans call it, soccer, is the most watched sport in the Globe.

The history of football goes back centuries ago. It was not always played as today but it has been developed that way over the years. The most popular form of it is English football which began way back in the 19th century. clubs like Arsenal and Manchester go way back to that time.

In casual football, you can involve both genders in the play but the sport is mainly dominated by boys and men. In fact, it is on

How a football team is set up

A football team can have as many players as it wants. However, during the play, only 11 players are allowed in the field on each side of the team. Players can be sent off through a straight red card if they make a serious foul or through two yellow cards in a single game.

There are four major positions in the formation of the team. The constant is the goalkeeper. In front of him/her are the defenders who protect him from the opponent. Then there are the Midfielders. They are the anchor who moves the ball around the pitch. And finally, there is the forward. They specialize in scoring the ball in order to win the game.

If a team plays in a knockout match there must be a winner. When the 90 min which is the standard time for a single game is over without a winner more than 30 minutes are added, If the winner is still not determined Penalty shootouts determine the winner.

For a non-knockout game, the winning team gets 3 points. For a draw outcome, each team gets 1 point and the team with the most points at the end of the tournament wins the trophy.

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