March 22, 2023


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City vs Nottingham: Will the Underdog Take Something Home?

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  • Manchester City has not lost a game this season
  • Nottingham Forest is looking to grab at least a point from the match with the defending champions

Nottingham Forest, the newly promoted team has a tough job of keeping the goal-scoring machines, Man City. Nottingham who lost their first game in the league this season to Newcastle has already tasted victory in the league against Westham in game week three. Tonight they face a different beast. Man City, a team that would dominate in a conversation of the best teams in the world right now, will be entertaining Notigham at Ethihad stadium.

Man City has won the last 4 of 5 previous season league titles. On the other hand, despite not being in the league for years, Nottingham has only won the title once in the 1970s. They are not in any way the favorites to win. Man City which is varsity wealthy with a player has a second team that would race for the top 4 if played separately. With the introduction of 5 allowed substitutes, it could come in handy for City especially when they trail behind.

At this point, City has broken major records. Nottingham will have to hope and today is not the day man city breaks another record with them.

Nottingham strategy

It is very little you can do to keep manchester city away from your goalkeeper. Especially now that the team has brought a world-class striker they never really need to the squad. Haaland from Dortmund was the Bundesliga top scorer last season and is currently holding the title so far this season. this is after scoring a hat trick on a 4-2 comeback against Palace.

For Nottingham to win this game they will have to master a plan and make no mistakes. One point for them will be a big win not to imagine what a win will feel like. They will need to keep City away to ensure they have a better chance to stay in the premier league.

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