March 22, 2023


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Bournemouth host Everton, Who is recilient enough to Dominate?

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It is the start of the third round of the carabao cup tonight. These are only two teams playing each other and, in the Premier League and the rest are from other tiers. It is expected to be a tight one for the two teams considering there is only 1 point between these two teams. Bournemouth is just below Everton hanging just above the relegation zone.

During last week’s game, Everton failed to win or even keep the opponent from scoring. As a result, they conceded two goals to Leicester city who are also playing tonight. If the table was however ranked depending on the number of goals a team has conceded, Everton would be in the top 4 in the EPL.

Unlike their opponents, Bournemouth has conceded the most goals in the premier league. They are averaging almost three goals for every game. Evidently, they lost by 4 goals to three last weekend. They have however had a better scoring number than their tonight opponent which could come in handy tonight.

What Does A Win Means this Teams

Tonight winner has the chance to proceed to the next round of the cup. It is already very tough to win right now and the journey is only getting worse. Since non of these 2 teams are looking to be hopeful for

Amoug other teams expected to play in this round is a big game between manchester City and Chelsea. Manchester united also has the chance to revange as they welcome Aston Villa who embaraced them at the villa park by wheping them 3 goals to 1. Arsenal also welcome the supricingly inform Brighton.

All this games will be available for your entainments. We add links few minute before the game starts. Bounimourth will be loking to entertain everton. If they can get through to the Everton defence they dont have much to worry to about theevrton attacking force.

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