March 22, 2023


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Aston Villa v Chelsea FC

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  • Villa will be welcoming Chelsea for the first time this season
  • This game will be tough for Aston Vills considering how poor they have been this season

Villa will be welcoming Chelsea for the first time this season This game will be tough for Aston Vills considering how poor they are playing.

Brendan Rogers is in a difficult place at the moment. This, since winning the premier league title in 2015, is possibly one of the toughest and worst starts of the premier league. Unlike over the years, the team is struggling especially in keeping the goals out. Noting on the other hand has been the one the beat times for years recently. They were promoted recently and despite being new to the league, they are making moments out of the opportunities they get. But despite all these efforts they have only won one game and drew one they are only ahead of Leicester City.

After Westham who was at the bottom of the table won against the wolves, Leicester has now taken the burden and is now at the bottom of the league. Nottingham is just above them at the 19th in the table. in all the 7 games the team has played they have lost 6 and drawn one. This gives them only one point since the beginning of the season. The recent defeat they faced was against the spurs and they faced a 6-2 defeat to solidify their position at the bottom of the table.


Nottingham has not been losing games as terribly as Leicester. But be as it may, a loss by a goal or more doesn’t give you any points. They have the chance to attack the foxes at home and at their weakest. Whichever team wins, they have a better chance to take themselves out of the relegation zone before it gets too late. If noting forest wins tonight they will be out of the relegation by tonight.

IF both teams do not produce better performance soon the managers could lose their jobs soon. Especially Brendan Rogers who has been in the league and in the top six for so long in recent years.

We will be providing the live link to this match and all other premier league games right here. Refresh the game if the link is not available. We provide the links a few minutes before the game starts.


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