June 7, 2023


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Arsenal Welcomes Villa at the Emirates Tonight

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  • Arsenal will be looking to maintain their perfect start run today.
  • They have a better chance of winning with their current form and especially at home.

Arsenal FC is at the top of the premier league table. This is after playing four games and winning in all of them. In two of the games, they won convincingly but in the other two luck seemed to be playing part in the game. Whether or not that was the case they will need to win tonight’s game where they welcome Villa to the emirate.

Arsenal, who most like to call them by their nickname the gunners, are the only team to have a perfect record in the EPL this season. This comes as a surprise considering they did not even make it to the champions league last season. The last time Arsenal won four opening games in a row was 18 years ago

Last season the gunners lost their first 3 opening games to Brentford, Man City, and Chelsea. Most may argue the opening games were more difficult then than they are now but time has shown there is no longer an easy game in the EPL. Aston Villa who seems to struggle has only won 1 game this season and lost the other three.

Aston Villa

Villa may seem to be weak right now but they have all the firing power they need to win any game. They have managed to sign players like Buendia who Arsenal really wanted to sign for years. Villa are currently sitting at the bottom half of the table and have the potential to get to the top half of the table if they win tonight it may be a long shot but this is football, anything can happen

If the gunners do not win the game they will give their London rival’s spurs and the defending champions man city the chance was the crown. The two are also playing tonight.

Catch the game live here. The links will be available minutes before the game starts. Keep refreshing the page.

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