March 22, 2023


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AC Milan v Chelsea FC

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Chelsea has already beaten Milan in the first leg. This time round they will be determining if they can beat them for the second time. Whoever loses tonight will have very slim chances of staying in the premier league.

This is the first champions league game for Graham Potter as the head coach for the blues. Chelsea is facing the threat of not continuing in the champions league after they were unable to win any of their last two champions league game. Tonight they face AC Milan who is at the top of the group table. Milan unlike Chelsea has won one game ad drawn the second one. Graham will have to win tonight’s game he wants to keep the team at the least in the EUFA Europa league if the champions league will not be possible.

Since Graham took charge of Chelsea, it took him almost three weeks to play in any competition. Right now it has been over three weeks with the team so he has a good idea of who his best player is. He already played his first game last weekend which he managed to win despite difficulties before he could get the three points

Chelsea has won twice in the history of the league but this happened when Abramovic took over. In fact, that was the time Chelsea started winning trophies and improved their fan base. He invested in the club and loved it until he was caught up as a person of interest in the Russian -Ukraine war. Now the club is under new ownership who are yet to win any trophies

As much as Milan is leading the table, they are not that far away. They might be in an advantageous place but if they lose to Chelsea tonight they will equal on point. Only goal difference will make the actual difference.

Tonighs’s game is very important to both teams given the general performance of this group. The other two teams in this group will also be playing tonight and have at least a point. If RB Sulzbung wins and Milan loses, they will be the leader of this group stage by the end of this match day. If Dinamo wins and Chelsea there will be three out of the possible four teams with equal points, separated by goal difference.

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